Between the cross-sections 
(2014/video installation/HD, stereo, color/12min40sec loop) 
material : chair, spot light×4, projector×2, video camera, macmini, old phone 
Before the big projection of the film there stands a pipe chair. In the film you can see the interview room; inside separated by the glass that world and the observer in this world. It seems just a normal film from the first sight, but if you approach the pipe chair in the middle, you will see your own figure captured on the screen in the film. Two projectors are installed above your head, and they can combine two images in a set of one. Here the film which is made by the camera installed in this place and the film which was made in a different place beforehand, done with the same principle as for multiple exposure, capturing only the part which is in light, are composed together in real time on the wall. 
Collaborative Performer :
Miwako Takano, Kaori Ito, Atsunori Kawamura 
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