Intermittent classroom
(2013/video installation/HD, stereo, color/13min27sec loop,
material : chair, spot light×4, projector×2, video camera, macmini)
Before the image projected on the wall, there stands one chair with spot light on it. In the film, you can see an empty classroom; it is an evening scene after school. Female students appear one by one and are doing something strange in the classroom. It is just a normal video work from the first sight, but if you sit on the chair in front of the screen, you will see your own figure captured on the screen in the film in real time. You will see yourself sitting on the back chair in the classroom, so it will seem that the you are in the same space with the girls in the video. Then, as if you became an invisible man, who can see through something everything about the girls, a mysterious relationship is born. Becoming an image yourself, it seems that you exist in the same space with the girls as an image in the film. However, the more natural it seems, the more you feel the emptiness of your body which you cannot change. 
Collaborative Performer :
Miwako Takano, Kaori Ito, Tomohiko Kyogoku 
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