Creeping Night
(2012/ video installation/ SD, stereo, color/ 09min loop)
material : chair, spot light, TV monitor, video camera, video mixer
There is a TV monitor and a chair, and trunk behind you. You can find a woman on the exact place where you are sitting and you can also find yourself seeing at the woman in front of her on the monitor.
A figure of a viewer in this video installation is naturally composed into the image on a monitor, and it allows the viewer to have an objective view through the system. There is an experience of a journey over the inner self and the reality while asking several questions such as: What am I seeing? Where is my mind seeing this image? Is there my mind in a parallel world?
A journey continues to examine some layers of mind.
performer: Miwako Takano, Atsunori Kawamura, Kaori Ito
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